“If they haven’t been there, don’t ask them for directions.”
Welcome to The Training Center
  • Gather.
  • ​​Motivate.
  • ​Encourage.
  • ​Inspire.
No Experience Necessary: Beginners Welcome
The Training Center is much more than just a place to train. It’s a place where Legends teach beginners how to become legendary themselves. 
Train ONE-ON-ONE with the most decorated names in mixed martial arts….
  • World champion and UFC legend Chris 'The Crippler' Leben and
  • ​​Hall of Famer and submission master Master Baret 'The Finisher' Yoshida
Learn proven strategies and techniques that have helped Chris Leben & Master Baret SUCCEED IN AND OUT OF THE OCTAGON and how to apply them to your own life.
Stop believing the lies you tell yourself: “I can’t do this.”
You can and we will do it together. ONLY action will get REAL RESULTS.
Tap into Chris Leben's decades of combat secrets that helped him become one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time.
With over 28 years of jiu-jitsu under his belt, Hall of Famer, and submission master, Master Baret 'The Finisher' Yoshida will show you how to
  • turn your weaknesses into strengths and
  • ​​transform your skills, body, and mind to the next level.
Combat sports have helped both Chris and Master Baret to get through the most challenging times to achieve greatness. They are dedicated to doing the same for you.
It's not just about the physical benefits; it's about the mental and emotional growth that comes with pushing yourself to the limit.
As Master Baret says, "What is coming is better than what is gone.".

That's the mindset you'll develop at TheTrainingCenter.

You'll learn to face your challenges head-on and push yourself to new heights on and off the mat.
✔️ Are you ready to take your abilities to the highest level?
✔️ Are you ready to live the thrill of combat sports and transform your life?
✔️ Are you ready to learn from the best in the world and discover the new you?
It’s time to stop looking at my ads and time to start doing it.
Unleash your inner beast and become the best version of yourself at TheTrainingCenter.
"I get to train with a UFC legend all day long. How many people can say that?"

- Keith M.
"Training with Chris has changed my life. Every day I learn something new and my life gets better as a result of it "

- Steve M.
"The discipline and accountability. I was hooked after my first session. Chris has created the perfect martial arts environment and I am stoked to be a part of it. There is ZERO judgment, only healthy competition"

- Dennis M.
"Chris's passion for teaching mixed martial arts is unparalleled. He cares that you learn proper technique. If you train with a real professional mixed martial artist, you not only get an insane workout, but you gain authentic confidence and a sense of humility because you learn to trust your own skills."

- Jake S. 
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The Training Center, 2949 Garnet Ave, 3rd Floor, Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA 92109